Today, our air conditioning systems are generally a benefit we take for granted unless it breaks down or isn’t working properly. But before air conditioning was invented, people had to find creative ways just to stay comfortable throughout the day. When we think of the best inventions to ever be made, most of them are fairly new and were created within the 20th century. In fact, from advancements in technology to modern medicine, it is difficult to think of inventions that can be considered among the best ever that were not made in the 20th century. One of the few inventions that has stood the test of time and does come from before the 20th century is modern-day air conditioning systems. Here is why we believe it is also one of the best inventions ever:

Providing More Than Comfort

One of the most common ways to stay comfortable indoors without the air conditioning turned on is to open the windows. But keeping windows open only provide a mild increase in comfort, especially when living in warmer and more humid climates such as Florida. Additionally, having the ability to keep the windows closed because you have a functioning air conditioning system also provides us with many health benefits. Health benefits of keeping windows closed include:

  • Decreased risk of contracting blood borne illnesses such as Malaria and Zika that are widely spread and contracted as a result of mosquito bites
  • Decreased exposure to air borne illnesses and other air borne allergens and toxins that lead to illness.
  • Increased comfort that also results in increased happiness. Both the increased comfort and increased happiness also encourage more productivity as the body needs to use less energy to keep us comfortable.
  • Improved ability to fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Science has proven that people sleep better in cooler temperatures. Getting a quality restful night of sleep also increases our overall happiness and productivity.

In addition to improving our overall health and wellness, being able to rely on our air conditioning units to keep us comfortable instead of having to keep a window open to stay comfortable also significantly improves the overall safety of our home as it is more difficult to gain ungranted access into the home.

Air Conditioning As The Best Invention

While you have probably thought about the many improvements and conveniences advancements in technology such as computers, smart phones, and access to the internet provides to you, and you recognize the way your life would be impacted without it, you probably don’t even think about what life would be like without our modern air conditioning systems. But without air conditioning, most of us would be expelling most of our energy just to stay comfortable and healthy. When we take into consideration the improvements air conditioning has on our everyday lives, it is undoubtedly among the best inventions ever.

Keep Your Air Conditioning Systems Running Efficiently

To keep your air conditioning system performing at its maximum efficiency, contact C & S A/C Services today to schedule your annual maintenance check up with one of our certified HVAC specialists. We are proud of the work we do to keep our clients’ homes healthy and comfortable.