Why Does My Air Conditioner Leak Or Drip Water?

Most of the time, people rarely give their air conditioners much thought until there is a problem and it needs troubleshooting. One common problem with air conditioning unit is they end up leaking water inside. If your air conditioner has this problem, then here is some information you should know about the cause, and how [...]

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Why Would An Air-Conditioner Stop Working?

We have come in an age of a constantly moving forward economy. The living conditions that were only for the privileged rich in the 1960s are now considered as the basic necessities for everyone. One such necessity is air conditioning. Today, almost everyone in Florida has an air conditioner system in their homes in order [...]

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What To Do When Your Server Room Cooling Fails

In today’s fast-growing technological world, the server room/ data center is considered the backbone of daily organizational operations. Server room hosts their databases, network systems, servers, backup hardware and in some large companies, even the communication system is installed as well. All these devices are constantly operating and produce a great amount of heat for [...]

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DIY AC Solutions

Sometimes, little things can make your air conditioning unit stop working – things that aren’t worth paying an AC repair company to check for or fix. If, however, you check each of these things and they have not solved your problem, then you can call in an AC pro to take it from there! The [...]

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How Cold Should A Server Room Be?

In the present world if we look around, data is considered the blood of countless businesses and server rooms work as a heart to keep it flowing. This clearly states that server rooms play a vital role in keeping businesses alive in today’s fast-growing world and in order to achieve the desired productivity level a [...]

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Why Does My AC Smell?

Common Air Conditioning Odors And Their Causes Air conditioning falls under the category of basic necessities (like food, shelter, and water do) given how important it is in a home in the present era. However, unlike most other necessities, air conditioners require maintenance and if not kept up with. Luckily, air conditioning systems typically give [...]

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How Your AC Works

There is hardly any building or car without an air conditioner these days. It has become a useful component of houses, homes, vehicles, and so on. With each passing day, air conditioning is becoming more and more of a necessity.  Although everyone enjoys a cool room, not all know how the air is cooled. While [...]

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The History And Evolution Of Our Modern Air Conditioning Systems

Here in Florida we have been in the throws of Fall and most of us are still turning to our air conditioners to combat the scorching temperatures and unbearable humidity. Humans going to great lengths to stay cool is not a new concept, but the air conditioners we use to keep cool today are relatively [...]

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How To Stay Cool When Your AC Breaks Down

We are now in the full heat of summer, and it seems like an air conditioning break down always happens during the hottest part of summer or right before you are having out of town guests coming to visit. When your AC breaks down during the busiest time of year it can be difficult to [...]

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Early Attempts Of Air Conditioning Systems

Before scientists and inventors began experimenting to find artificial means to cooling the air, humans relied heavily on the natural process of sweating and some form of fanning themselves to keep cool during scorching Summer months. In ancient Egypt, the Egyptians would hang wet reeds in the windows of their homes and other buildings to [...]

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