What You Can Do About Your Warmer Upstairs

In our previous blog, "Why is My Home Warmer Upstairs Than It Is Downstairs" we covered a lot about the science behind the issue and other possible causes. If you have notice that your upstairs is becoming unbearable, then there are a few things you can do to help balance the temperature of your home [...]

Why Is My Home Warmer Upstairs Than It Is Downstairs?

Have you ever noticed that you are cool and perfectly comfortable when you’re downstairs but as soon as you need to go upstairs for something you are hit with a wave of hot air? Do you dread having to make trips upstairs, not because of actually having to walk up the stairs but because the [...]

Why Does My Air Conditioner Run All Day?

5 Reasons That May Be Causing Your Air Conditioner To Run Constantly No one dreads an energy bill like a Floridian in the Summer! That’s because we know the high temperatures outside can make it harder to keep it cool indoors – but what’s normal and what is not for how long your air conditioner [...]

Reasons Your Air Conditioner May Struggle This Summer And How To Deal With It

In Florida we know how important it is to keep our air conditioners running at their maximum performance all year long, but especially during the long, hot summer months. We definitely experience some record-setting hot days living in Florida, which means your AC has to work harder to keep up with the demand placed on [...]

The Differences Between Manual, Programmable, And Smart Thermostats

Many people don’t even realize that there are options available to them when it comes to their home’s thermostat. There are actually three main categories that thermostats fall into: manual, programmable, and smart. So, what the differences between each type of thermostat and which one is right for you? We have put together all the [...]

The 5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems And How To Prevent Them

  During the long, hot summer days we rely heavily on our air conditioners to remain running and providing its maximum performance. However, there are things that can cause our air conditioner to lose efficiency or even break down completely. We have put together a list of the most common air conditioning problems and what [...]

What To Do If Your HVAC System Is Impacted By Flooding

Hurricane season is right around the corner and one thing we have to be extremely careful about in Florida is how we should respond if our home is affected by flooding. In Florida we know that we can be affected by flooding from anything ranging from a heavy rainstorm to a tropical storm to a [...]

Creative Ways To Hide Or Disguise Your Thermostat

Although our thermostats are a very important part of our HVAC system, they can certainly be an eye sore in our home. Here we review creative ways to hide or disguise your thermostat that will not affect the ability of the thermostat to do its job. Because the thermostat needs to be able to accurately [...]

What Needs To Be Done For Annual HVAC Maintenance?

There are two types of maintenance when it comes to your HVAC system – things you can do on your own and things that will require a professional. Change Your Air Filters This step is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your HVAC system running at its best and immediately improve [...]

Why Regularly Changing Your Air Filters Is Important

You put a lot of work into maintaining your home and keeping everything running as efficiently as possible. At the center of it all is your heating and cooling system, which ensures the temperature in your home is well maintained throughout the day and night. It obviously is important to make sure your HVAC system [...]

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