How To Stay Cool When Your AC Breaks Down

We are now in the full heat of summer, and it seems like an air conditioning break down always happens during the hottest part of summer or right before you are having out of town guests coming to visit. When your AC breaks down during the busiest time of year it can be difficult to [...]

Early Attempts Of Air Conditioning Systems

Before scientists and inventors began experimenting to find artificial means to cooling the air, humans relied heavily on the natural process of sweating and some form of fanning themselves to keep cool during scorching Summer months. In ancient Egypt, the Egyptians would hang wet reeds in the windows of their homes and other buildings to [...]

How To Prepare Your HVAC Unit To Survive Hurricane Season

Anyone who lives in Florida is no stranger to hurricane season and the other severe weather such as tornadoes, tropical storms, and thunderstorms that we are all subject to. And while the Tampa Bay area has not been directly hit by a hurricane since 1921, according to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the [...]

HVAC Fact VS Fiction

Debunking The Most Common HVAC Myths People Actually Believe It seems like anywhere you look there is a ton of information available on your HVAC system, how to properly maintain it, and how to get the most efficient use out of it. But how do you know what is and is not accurate? Don’t worry, [...]

How To Stay Cool If You Loose Power After Storm or Hurricane

There is nothing more frustrating than having to battle the heat and humidity in a stuffy home with no AC after you lose power caused by something completely out of your control, like a hurricane. Luckily you don’t have to lose your cool just because your AC is down. Here are some creative ways to [...]

To Repair Or Replace? Comparing Your AC Options

When it comes time to make a major decision about either repairing or replacing your air conditioning unit you often must rely on the advice of professionals and hope that this advice is reliable. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for less than honest contractors to suggest that an AC unit be replaced when there is really [...]

What Is The Best Room Temperature For Studying?

How Room Temperature Affects Our Brain Did you know that the room temperature in your home or office affects much more than your body’s physical comfort? Room temperature also affects our brain in many different ways. Let’s take a deeper look at all the ways the right room temperature can benefit our brain and why. [...]

What Is The Best Temperature To Set Your Thermostat At?

Having the right room temperature can improve our productivity, increase the effectiveness of our studying, and even make us happier. So, it really is important to pick the perfect temperature in your home or office. IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY There has been a lot of research conducted in hopes of determining the best working conditions for increasing [...]

The Larger The HVAC System, The Larger The Cost

Obviously, you know that investing in a larger HVAC system will cost you more money up front to buy the system but having a HVAC system that is too large for your home will also cost more money in operating costs, maintenance and repair costs, and ultimately replacement costs. Short Cycling. It may seem odd [...]

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better When Choosing A New AC

When it comes time to upgrade to something new we often want the latest and greatest that technology has to offer, and we typically tend to believe that bigger means better. But when your old HVAC unit goes out and it’s time to replace it with a new one, bigger is not always better. Why [...]

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