5 Biggest Myths About AC

Trying to lower your electric bill or to be more energy efficient is currently on the rise. Be sure to fact check what you read against legitimate sources. There are several myths floating around the internet that may mislead you and cost you your savings. Myth #1: The bigger the air conditioning unit, the more [...]

6 Most Common HVAC Problems

Florida is known for its heat and humidity. Its also know for lacking “real” seasons. December and January come through and the temperatures barley drop into the 60s so we are still relying heavily on our AC units to keep us comfortable year round. In this type of weather, with constant, heavy use, HVAC units [...]

5 Helpful Tips to Maintaining Your HVAC System

Performing general maintenance on your HVAC system is important to avoid major repair and it can extend the life of your system. Proper maintenance can even help you save on your energy bill. Here are a few maintenance tips you can do yourself to help you keep your system functioning properly. Replace air filters Disposable [...]

What Is HVAC?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning. These three components can be sold as individual appliances but as an HVAC, they are all one single unit that work in coordination with each other as it operates to maximize energy use. Air Conditioning with an HVAC The way air is cooled though an HVAC system [...]

Frequently Asked HVAC Questions

How does my AC system move air throughout my home? A fan draws indoor air into your home through return grills. The air travels through ducts that run to your AC systems' air handler, which returns to the vents or registers in your wall, ceilings or floors. How often should I replace the filter [...]

Avoid HVAC Emergencies

What would you do if a storm knocked out your HVAC system in the middle of a sweltering Florida summer? Imagine the amount of money your business would lose being shut down for a day, a week, a month or even longer. Lost sales. Lost products. Lost customers and lost opportunities. No matter what time [...]

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