Creative Ways To Hide Or Disguise Your Thermostat

Although our thermostats are a very important part of our HVAC system, they can certainly be an eye sore in our home. Here we review creative ways to hide or disguise your thermostat that will not affect the ability of the thermostat to do its job. Because the thermostat needs to be able to accurately [...]

What Needs To Be Done For Annual HVAC Maintenance?

There are two types of maintenance when it comes to your HVAC system – things you can do on your own and things that will require a professional. Change Your Air Filters This step is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your HVAC system running at its best and immediately improve [...]

Why Regularly Changing Your Air Filters Is Important

You put a lot of work into maintaining your home and keeping everything running as efficiently as possible. At the center of it all is your heating and cooling system, which ensures the temperature in your home is well maintained throughout the day and night. It obviously is important to make sure your HVAC system [...]

The Best Time To Get A New HVAC System

When homeowners consider when the right moment to replace their home a/c unit, they might want to keep this principle in mind: When it comes to air conditioning units, there are “no end of the year model blowouts” like you find among automobile dealerships. That said, there are times when in the cooling and heating [...]

How To Beat The Summer Heat With Maximizing Your Air Conditioner’s Performance

With Spring in full force, Summer is now right around the corner and soon we will be turning on our air conditioners for relief from the Summer heat. Our AC systems get put through a lot during the hot and humid Summer months and there are simple maintenance steps we can take beforehand to make [...]

Welcome Spring Cleaning and HVAC Maintenance

Now that we are fully in the throws of the Spring season we know that our nice days of cool weather will be fading away and will soon be replaced with the hot and humid days of Summer. Spring is the best time of year to have maintenance done on your AC unit as it [...]

Improving Indoor Air Quality In 3 Easy Steps

It is important to keep the air that we breathe clean. Proper use of filters, frequent cleaning of the HVAC unit, and maintaining a clean environment will help ensure cleaner air. Proper Use of Filters Filters are usually effective for up to three months. Change your filters frequently to keep unwanted particles out of your [...]

Help! My AC Won’t Turn On!

There are a few ways to save yourself some money when it comes to air conditioning repair. Before calling in the pros there are actually a few simple things you can check and fix yourself. Here are a few common issues and how to troubleshoot what may be wrong with your AC unit. My Air [...]

Why You Should Have Regular Maintenance For Your HVAC System

Its Springtime! Which means many individuals are beginning to pack away winter clothes, are getting ready to deep clean their home, and are preparing their patios for barbecues. One important thing to remember during this rush into Springtime is your air conditioning unit. It has likely sat dormant the majority of the last few months. [...]

What You Need To Know About Wall Air Conditioning Units

Whether it's muggy, humid, or hot outside, we are unconcerned as long as the air conditioner is are running smoothly. Many people believe the only way to get reliable and successful indoor air comfort in the summer is with central air conditioning. The reality is, there are several benefits of a wall air conditioner unit [...]

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